The Tastiest Whiskey Drink To Whet Your Weekend Whistle

We know that whiskey elicits serious devotion in drinkers, so we asked our gourmet guru, Claire Thomas of The Kitchy Kitchen, to share the ultimate whiskey recipe. Be sure you whip up this whiskey sipper to satisfy your summer-drink cravings—we promise it will impress your guests, every time. Just mix up some surprisingly refreshing whiskey with lemon and mint, for a new summer classic that is the perfect antidote to this hot, sticky weather.
The Whiskey Smash
2 oz. whiskey
1 oz. simple syrup
1/2 oz. lemon juice
A handful of mint
Muddle the mint and lemon juice, then add the syrup and whiskey. Fill your shaker with ice. Shake it hard. Strain. Serve over ice and enjoy!

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