The Secret To Layering For Warmth Without Looking Bulky

Most people think that style has to be sacrificed for real warmth; the reasoning being that to really feel comfortable in colder weather, you've got to layer up at least three deep on top, and two layers on bottom, and just be okay with looking like a dumpling. But believe it or not, layering doesn't have to be synonymous with bulk, especially when you utilize slimmer, heat-retaining materials.

The looks ahead may not stand up to the next Snowpocalypse, but they'll certainly ease your transition from "Ah, I love the slight chill in the air" to "Oh, it's winter now." And all without you having to pile on a bunch of awkward layers. Thanks to heat-technology staples and a few smart styling tricks, you can be layered for the in-between season without feeling totally suffocated. Read on for five simple ways to do it.

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