Who Knew? The Rangers All Want To Wear The Same Old Fedora

They may be slick on the ice, with their broad shoulders and rugged good looks (swoon), but off the ice, the New York Rangers are all freaking out over an old raggedy fedora. No one on the team knows where it came from (and how the tradition started is a mystery to all), but this is how it goes: The wearer of this dilapidated "Broadway Hat" is rewarded to the star player after a well-deserved victory, and they're more than honored to tote it on their noggin (wrinkles, rips, and all). With the unbelievable season they are having (28 victories in 43 games!), the fedora has been passed around many times, and deserving players have to show it off during televised interviews. Traditionally (hehe, get it?) we'd try to swap it for something a bit more...uhh... updated, but if wearing the hat means they're kicking some serious butt in the rink, then by all means boys — work it! (NY Times)

Photo: Via NY Times