5 Things To Know This AM — Jan 10 2012

Looks like the goods from Lady Gaga's Holiday Workshop at Barney's are all on deep discount, but unfortunately those amazing flame nails will still set you back $157. Boo. (Racked)
Looks like The Oscars are getting lazy — from now on, they're only considering documentaries that have been reviewed by The New York Times and The Los Angeles Times, but anyone who feels they've been snubbed can make an appeal. Just remember to make a documentary about the appeals process, in case you need something for next year. (Animal New York)
Looking to travel from Grand Central to New Haven in silence? Sit in one of Metro North's new quiet cars, where it's ok to tell your seat mate that you can hear their Bon Jovi songs leaking out of their earbuds. (City Room)
Compelling reasons to stop the No-Pants Subway Rides including (but not limited to) flesh-eating bacteria and "jiggling pale January human flesh", which is kind of the same thing. (Gothamist)
We've all wondered what it's like to live above a popular eatery and were happy to discover that yes, it's a lot of "run downstairs for a quick bite," but also a lot of "eww rats" as well. (New York Observer)
Photo: Via New York Observer

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