The Most Painful Shoes Ever, Astronauts Take Over The Subway And Chelsea Opens A New Hotel For Models

We always complain about how uncomfortable our stilettos are, but these Acne rusty-nail heels are worse than a trip to John Yoo's house! (NY Post)
Catch any astronauts on the subway this weekend? Turns out NASA enthusiasts were protesting for a new space shuttle by wearing space suits. Phew, we were worried that space helmets were the new It-accessory. (Huffington Post)

, a new fashion-inspired, model-friendly hotel in Chelsea, is one place you'll need to avoid if you have low self-esteem. (Luxist)

Speaking of models, Helena Christensen and Nepalese-portrait photographer Drew Doggett were rubbing elbows at an exhibit this weekend. Do we have some editorials featuring Helena in spiritual garb to look forward to? (NBC New York)
Got a doorman for your building? Then you might have problems (and not the post walk of shame embarrassment kind). Sorry Upper East Siders! (Gawker)
Just looking at this couch from ABC Carpet & Home is giving us seizures. (The Cut)