5 Things To Know This AM — Nov 05 2012

Girl Power — nope, it didn’t die with the Spice Girls breakup, and we have proof! See it in live action next Sunday at this combination food/fashion/film event. Cambodian eats and REVIVAL Style's socially-conscious clothes will be available before a special screening of Half The Sky, a doc that offers a global portrait of women's strength in the face of oppressive social norms. (The Good Brunch)
We like a well-timed sample sale as much as the next New Yorker, so we can't wait to get to the INHABIT and Tom Scott discount bonanza next Wednesday and Thursday at 320 West 37th Street. Come on, cashmere sweaters in November? It's just too good. (Tom Scott)
In the days since Sandy steered a path of destruction, it’s becoming clear that the storm truly left no crane uncracked, especially small businesses, including our favorite BK brewers. Luckily, there are small (and fun!) things you can do to help, like buying your next round in cash; or, just, well, buying a round — doesn’t sound too bad, does it? (The Manhattan Cocktail Classic)
The good people at Parlor Showroom are doing a food drive for the LES Girls Club this Wednesday and Thursday. With your donations (food, time, supplies, and otherwise), 7,500 families will get the nourishment and support they so badly need post-Sandy. (Parlor Showroom)
We can't wait to see what this Sandy-themed graffiti will look like in the end! Knowing the Bowery, things could take a turn for the weird. (Animal)
Photo: Courtesy of The Good Brunch

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