Cruelty-Free Gets Chic At This Totally Vegan Fashion Show

Runways and cruelty-free beauty — we love it when two of our favorite things collide. This past weekend, The Body Shop paired up with Vaute Couture, the first all-vegan fashion line to show at New York Fashion Week, to host a "Fashion Loves Animals" cruelty-free event. The main attraction of the event was a 100% vegan fashion show that featured looks from Vaute Couture's line and vegan makeup from The Body Shop.
The look at the show was inspired by the popular Japanese anime character, Sailor Moon — an average girl who gains magical powers and becomes a super version of herself. To interpret that into a beauty look, lead makeup artist Khadija Amon-ra crafted makeup that was a mix between "earth-girl tomboy and a magical super version of her." That meant lots of thick brows, pink cheeks, and shimmery skin.
So, for any doubters out there, we think this is all the proof you need to show that vegan and cruelty-free makeup can indeed be high-fashion. Also, is anyone else totally digging that braided hair hat?

Photo: Courtesy of The Body Shop/Max Gordon Photography


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