The Best Designer Vintage To Flip Now

Vintage Lanvin Purse—Lanvin for under $200? Yes. And if you're like us, you'll haggle for $150, just because you can.
Being the vintage whores that we are, we were interested to read in WWD yesterday about how vintage e-commerce shops are a growing niche. Sites like Atelier-Mayer and Vintage Academe are thriving by hawking pricey vintage from designers like Vionnet and Pucci. Sure, these sites make it easy to find mint pieces, but you better be prepared to pay for it. As much as a Missoni kimono or a Lanvin smoking jacket makes us woozy, at more than $2k each, we'll stick to our own happy hunting. Here, we sniffed out a range of truly special collector's pieces you may indeed spot on one of these tony sites...someday. But today, they're yours for the taking.
vintage-lanvin-purse-ebay-1230091. Vintage Lanvin Purse—Lanvin for under $200? Yes. And if you're like us, you'll haggle for $150, just because you can.
vintage-geoffrey-beene-dress-ebay-1230092. Vintage Geoffrey Beene Dress—What an absolute gem this is. And the pleats and high waist on the skirt are probably incredibly flattering.
vintage-prada-bag-ebay-1230093. Vintage Prada Bag—The nylon Prada pieces are super old-school, but I think this bag is just timeless. And roomy!
vintage-christian-dior-blazer-ebay-1230094. Vintage Christian Dior Blazer—I have a certifiable blazer problem, but, trust me, this one is worth it. It's a classic and in an unusually smaller size.
vintage-oscar-de-la-renta-dress-ebay-1230095. Vintage Oscar de la Renta Dress—Very Bauhaus...minus the model.
vintage-faux-fur-coat-ebay-1230096. Vintage Faux Fur Coat—I like that this looks like good quality faux. It would be hard not to feeling glamorous wearing such a foxy jacket.
vintage-pleated-trousers-ebay-1230097. Vintage Pleated Trousers—These don't have any special pedigree, and I'm sure a lot of people would find them a tough sell, but with some very high heels, extra baggy trousers like these can be très stylish.
vintage-gucci-card-set-ebay-1230098. Vintage Gucci Card Set—Bring back the gin-and-tonics and a good game of rummy. Who's in?