The Beatrice Inn Is BACK!!! (With Help From Graydon Carter)

Remember the Beatrice Inn, arguably the Studio 54 of our generation? Oh, how we danced! Oh, how we sat in the corner next to (okay, across the room from) Kate Moss and the Olsens! Oh, how we never wanted to leave. But then (when they got raided and shut down) we had to. So it comes as a great relief that Vanity Fair's editor-in-chief Graydon Carter (naturally) is here to pull us out of this three-year-long slump. After loads of rumors circling the inn's closed shutters, even more whispers arose of its inevitable re-open, but they've all been false— until now. It has been confirmed (yes, confirmed!) that the space will resuscitate itself with partnership help from insta-hot-spot creator Graydon Carter, with as much as possible of the original design staying the same. Okay, so, to leave the bad news for may get revived as a meat-centric restaurant rather than a raucous night spot... but we've never let a T-Bone Steak get in the way of a little fun. (Gawker)
Photo: Via Gawker

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