Should It Be Illegal To Text And Walk?

There are a lot of little things we complain about in life, even though we're totally guilty of them ourselves. Missing the garbage but pretending like you didn't? Not refilling the paper towel dispenser after you've taken the last sheet? Running into your friend at the entrance to the subway and stopping for a quick 20 minute chat (thereby blocking everyone else)? Texting while walking? C'mon, time to 'fess up — you know you've felt your phone go off while you're hoofing it to Whole Foods, and you text a quick "OMG" or "LOL" to your friend/co-worker/boss/mom, while still completely in transit. If you're chronically guilty of TWW (yes, we just made that up), it's time to stop.
We can't stand it when you bump into us when you're clearly not looking. Plus, you don't want to end up in the hospital when your sms-ing puts you on the wrong side of a car or taxi, unless you really want your eulogy to be "he/she just couldn't look away from that hilarious picture of a cat his friend just texted him as he crossed Canal street." In all seriousness, texting while walking is dangerous, so reform your ways and check out this adorable PSA from The New York Times that'll teach you just what you should do when you get a text en route. (The Hairpin)
Video: NY Times, Via The Hairpin

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