Which Teeth Whitener Is Right For You?

You know when people say, "Her smile could light up a room?" Sure, they could be referring to her shining personality. But, we think they're also talking about something a bit more tangible: teeth. So, does this room-lighter-upper just take freakishly good care of her canines — or is there some whitening secret we haven't discovered yet? (Hint: It's the former.)
Over time, your teeth slowly start to lose brightness, becoming stained with things like coffee and wine. Since it doesn't look like we'll be giving up these vices anytime soon, we've begun to explore the wonderful world of teeth whitening. And, since not everybody has the time (or money) to invest in professional procedures, we've reviewed the best at-home treatments.
Whether you're a first-timer, or just looking for something that doesn't completely take over your life, there's a whitener out there for you. Click through to find yours — so that you'll be the one lighting up the room.

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