Taylor Swift Finally Reaches Adulthood In Vogue

Yes, she's technically been an adult for years now, and we all know about her various semi-mature relationships (oh, John Mayer, you've introduced so many idealistic teens to disappointment in love) But with her Country Barbie™ image, fairy-tale themed live stage show, and penchant for sparkly dresses, it often seems as if she'll never really grow up.
Well, in this month's Vogue's Mario Testino-shot cover and inside story, she's looking very much her 22 years (and maybe a bit more). With her curls straightened, bangs trimmed, makeup on-trend, and runway-worthy body swathed in yards of Rodarte, Swift is looking very Sienna Miller or Antia Pallenberg, all of a sudden.
Heck, if you hadn't told us it was her, we might have just thought it was another Scandinavian model. Ulla? Hedvig? Whatever. But click through for more images, and check out the full portfolio and the accompanying article here, and tell us if you want more of Taylor 2.0. (Vogue)

Image: Courtesy VOGUE/Mario Testino.

Image: Courtesy VOGUE/Mario Testino.
Image: Courtesy VOGUE/Mario Testino.