Tavi Spills Courtney Love’s Best Advice, Talks Lana Del Rey

We ran into Tavi, the not-so-pint-sized blogger (she's a sophomore now, guys) at Rachel Antonoff's NYFW show, and had to pin her down to chat music, clothes and inspiration. And she was quick to share. The young blogger-cum-singer had plenty to say about her must-hear tunes, and with influences like these, we think Neil Young is a great fit for her retro leanings.
She had stopped by to hear pal Alia Shawkat sing some lounge-y blues, and then took to the mic at her own event the next night. Quick prediction: Next up, the young ingenue will cover the "Edge Of Seventeen." We called it here, folks.
Refinery29: What is the most listened-to band on your iPod right now?
Tavi: "Probably a lot of Fleetwood Mac. Stevie Nicks is a great life-hero of mine. Minus the cocaine."
R29: Ooh! Do you like any of her solo stuff?
Tavi: "I do! I have a banner at the end of my bed that says 'Wild Heart' because it is one of my favorite songs of hers."
R29: What is on pause, on your iPod, at this moment?
Tavi: "I would guess 'Heart of Glass' by Blondie, because that's a really good pump-up jam. It's basically always on my iPod."
R29: If you could see any one act in concert, dead or alive, who would it be?
Tavi: "People who are alive now...but when they were young. That's kind of depressing. Early Bob Dylan. Early Hole? I'm kind of sorry to say that, but it's true."
R29: So what's your favorite Hole album?
Tavi: "Live Through This. I have the barrettes in right now, I love that album."
R29: We're partial to Pretty On The Inside ourselves. Have you ever met Miss Love?
Tavi: "I had an interesting conversation with her once. No, not like that! It was great! She gave me good business advice. She said, 'You are young, you are relevant, and people will take advantage of you.' She said, 'Make sure you always ask for money,' and I said, 'Yes, ma'am.'"
R29: What is something currently going on in music that you aren't a big fan of? Or that you wish you could like, but don't?
Tavi: "Well, you know, I kind of love Lana Del Rey, just because everyone hates her and I feel protective of her. I'm not a huge fan of her music, but I think she has been treated so unfairly and I feel really defensive on her behalf. I'm drawn to her. It's a girl crush, and I don't know why."
R29: What was your favorite album of 2011?
Tavi: I don't know. I don't really keep up with that sort of stuff, and I really should. I'm kind of bad at that. I'm really having a mom-rock from the '70s moment. On Rookie, we have lots of awesome girl bands who do our theme songs. I love Care Bears on Fire."

R29: Are you starting a band?
Tavi: "With a friend from school, kinda. We kind of write weird stuff. Hey, wanna go listen to Alia Shawkat sing?"

R29: We thought you'd never ask!

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