The One Trick To Wear Your T-Shirt Dresses To Work

T-shirt dresses are our saving grace. The sack-like shape helps prevent fabric from clinging to our skin on a sweltering day. They're casual, yet put together. Breathable, but not overly revealing. Cute, but not trying too hard. When it comes to time off, there's rarely an item that trumps a T-shirt dress.
But when Sunday rolls around and you're starting to think about what to wear for the upcoming workweek, chances are your T-shirt dresses don't come to mind. Or so you thought. Yep, there's a simple way to make all of these loose-fitting frocks work for work: turn them into shirts.
For some of you, this might seem like an obvious trick. Dresses over pants have been on our radar since 2013. But the rise of longline tops has made T-shirt dresses the ultimate dress-over-pants option for the office (and also those OOO moments). In the slideshow ahead, we've shown you how exactly you should pair your dresses with your pants to give the former a more polished, work-appropriate look. Take a look and get ready to tee it up.

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