7 Fancy-Sweatshirt Outfits, Spotted In Real Life!

There's always that thing that happens between seeing an outfit in a lookbook, fashion editorial, or campaign and then walking the 10 steps to your closet to recreate the style yourself. Whatever this enigma is, it sucks, and you can't for the life of you figure out why a triple-wrapped headscarf with a turtleneck looks so gorgeous on-screen and so crazy on you.
What helps? Seeing these outfits in real life, worn by women who actually interact with bosses, friends, and the general public (and not just a camera lens). Take, for example, the fancy sweatshirt. If you've been hesitating to jump on this trend because it all still looks a little too forward, scope out these seven examples of women who took it to the streets — and looked oh so chic.

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