8 Genius Ways To Wear The “Gee, Thanks” Sweater

Not to freak you out with our eerie psychic powers, but we're guessing you received at least one sweater this holiday season. And, while there's a small possibility this pullover was exactly the one you'd been writing to Santa about, it's far more probable that it was plucked from a haphazard pile of knits and purchased in an eleventh-hour gifting frenzy. Which means that, most likely, it's not exactly "you."
But, before you march it straight back to the mall, read this. Chances are you can make even the most unfortunately patterned or size-too-big knitwear work for you. Read on for the eight most clever ways to make your "gee, thanks" sweater into a downright adorable wardrobe staple. Because Boxing Day was meant for lounging around and polishing off Christmas cookies — not standing in the returns line.

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