Does This Start-Up Stack Up? Battle Your Friend's Style On

There are a ton of perks to having friends who are also into fashion: swapping clothes, shopping advice, having someone around who won't roll their eyes when you do this after missing a certain sample sale.
But the best perk? Engaging in a bit of friendly competition. Who found the best steal at the corner thrift store? Who could make a real outfit out of your high school letterman jacket? Who colorblocks the best? (You, obviously, but she might disagree.)
If you want to put your money where you outfit is, we suggest downloading , an app that helps you do battle, pitting your outfit against your friends'. Don't like the aggression? You can also share, view, and discover new trends, outfits, and products using the app, but we think the appeal largely lies in winning over and over (and possibly, just maybe, losing once or twice). Download the app, here!

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