It’s Time To Make Female Athletes The Protagonists Of Their Own Stories

Now, more than ever, small businesses like the ones featured in our film series supporting the adidas and iFundWomen initiative need our funding and support. Below, watch to see how Susan Sullivan, founder of the Women Sports Film Festival, is reimagining sports, and please consider donating or sharing her campaign here.
A token woman infiltrating the men's sports team: That's a movie trope that won't see any more screen time if Susan Sullivan, founder of the Women Sports Film Festival, has anything to do about it.
Following the first installment of our film series supporting the adidas and iFundWomen initiative, which provides mentorship and grants to women who reimagine sport, this latest video introduces Sullivan's mission to portray female athletes as the heroines of their own stories.
"Up until now, women's sports is often talked about in terms of what it isn't," Sullivan says. "It's often described in relationship to the dominant masculine model of sports. We're creating a new reference point where women's sports are self-defined, powerful, and sovereign." 
Watch how Sullivan is working to bring these athletes' tales to a larger audience, and keep tuning in for more videos.

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