Posh Prints & Pink: Is Suri Cruise The Next Victoria Beckham?

For so long, we were certain Suri Cruise had every element of an Alexa Chung in the making, but lately she's been walking on an edgier side — the wild side, if you will. Walking Being carried down the street this weekend, Suri rocked a Posh-esque white leopard-print Milly Minis Addison coat with purple leggings and red sparkly flats (a bold pairing, but she makes it work). Also in tow was a large stuffed animal and, of course, her actress-slash-designer-slash-mom, Katie Holmes.
The purple and red, the stuffed animal, and the mom? All are outrageously out-there style choices that point to an early (but not Spice Girls early) Beckham-ista. What are your thoughts? Is Suri going to grow up to be an Alexa Chung-esque brunette beauty, or do you think she'll go the way of VB and design her own line? Either way, we can't wait to see.
Photo: Courtesy of LaForce and Stevens