5 Things To Know This AM — Aug 03 2012

Despite already having a stellar career as TomKat's daughter, and a wardrobe not to be rivaled, Suri Cruise is about to do something totally normal for once: go to school. This fall, she'll be attending the exclusive, $40,000-a-year NYC private school Avenues, where she'll be surrounded by (what else?) an international community. (Life & Style Weekly)
Standard Culture has the inside scoop on the modeling industry from '70s Ford supermodel Lisa Taylor, who speaks candidly on drugs, scary photo shoots, and her recent feature on HBO's latest doc. As a bonus, she reveals her super-handy "Maintenance Tips." (Standard Culture)
Clear skies and beautiful views of the ocean, amplified by great music — must be the Caribbean? Wrong, it's NY's very own Shelter Island, where André Saraiva (of Le Baron) and ENCORE! will present the suitably named Coucher Du Soleil concert series. It goes down tonight at Balazs’ seriously fab Sunset Beach Hotel. (Encore!)
Wanna drink in style? Thanks to the #1 selling cognac Hennessy, you can down your liquor while taking in the fine arts of...graffiti. In an amazing collab, the beverage has partnered with street artist Futura to create an exclusive bottle fit for a night on the town. Plus, the pair are joining up with Pratt to help sponsor a student's career with seed money and a trip to the art capital of the world, Paris. Louvre, here we come! (Hennessy)
Make sure your next meal sparkles — literally — with Leif's new glitter tableware. Next time you have takeout, forego the plastic containers for real plates and shiny silverware and the meal will honestly feel 5-star. (Kingdom of Style)

Photo: Via Life & Style