Surface To Air Fall '12 Walks A Giant Roller Coaster (Now That's Talent)

As standard, arms-at-your-side lookbooks are fast becoming a thing of the past, films are allowing designers to present their collections in full — swaying fabrics and all. And for us, the eager viewer, it lets us peek a little deeper. By illustrating the collection with a specific choice of song, set location, deliberate cinematic elements, and so on, we can truly get a sense for how the designer sees their own collection.
The latest to hit the websphere: S2A's new mini film, which features its super-luxe fall ’12 collection. Directed by Jérémie Rozan (the cofounder of Surface To Air), a sound track by The Rapture, and set in what appears to be the coolest loop de loop in outer space, this short film presents the collection with a thrilling girl-wants-boy (he wants her, too) adventure.
With crop tops and shearling coats, sheer shirt tails and shiny, shiny leggings, the collection debuts a gritty, modern vibe where metallics meet matte grays for both him and for her. And, oh, did you spot the platform shoes?! As we play I-spy with a seriously chic silver blazer, we question, must we really wait for the fall?
Photo: Courtesy of Surface To Air

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