Super Bad

A guy's slickest summer basic banishes the blues. By Natalia Rachlin
When it comes to finding a new pair of jeans, fellas, there's no need to have the blues. This summer, it's all about lightening up, slimming down, and squeezing into a pair of London label Superfine's pure-white jeans. Like the ultimate study in contrasts these alabaster cuts are equal parts rock-star and French Riviera.
London-based Superfine arrived in 2003 answering the call to every It girl's desperate need for a righteous pair of super skinny denim. Since then, they've become the blues of choice for gals like Kate Moss and all her many minions. This past January, the guys finally got to join in on the fun with Superfine's menswear and denim (because who wouldn't want to legally channel his inner Pete Doherty?).
Whether you bust out these tight-whites with a blazer for your old-school 4th barbeque, or just sport them with a T-shirt and Chucks when dashing around the city, these must-haves personify carefree and cool, casual and confident. Just remember that upkeep on this pale pair is a bit more tedious than that of their darker counterparts. Read: Choose your seat wisely.
Superfine white men's denim, $235, available at Jeffrey Atlanta, 3500 Peachtree Road NE, Atlanta, Georgia; 404-237-9000. For more information, go to or
A guy's slickest summer basic banishes the blues.