8 Last-Minute Picks For An Epic Summer Party

There’s nothing like a summer fete under the sun. Getting invited to a friend-filled BBQ to chow down on burgers and listen to tunes? Yes, please — we’ll even bring the guac. But, when it's time for us to play hostess, we've got to admit it's daunting. Will there be enough chairs? What about decor? Are we too old for wine in red Solo cups?
Still, if our past parties have taught us anything, it’s this: The key to throwing a successful one isn’t a complete decor overhaul. It’s incorporating a few key essentials into the mix. A floral tablecloth sets the mood and covers all the nicks in your thrifted table.
So, if you're ready to throw the party of the season, pick up a few of our get-together must-haves ahead. Then, feel free to send us an invite. Like we said, the guac is covered.

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