Clever Summer Layering Tricks, When A Tee & Shorts Get Boring

For all the joys that summer brings into your life again — later sunsets, outdoor dinners, weekend road trips — there is that one thing that can put a wrench in a fashion girl's good mood: your summer outfit. When it's real hot outside and any fabric thicker than a tissue feels like a goose down comforter, it can be hard to break outside of your T-shirt-and-shorts mold. But what happens when that combo starts to feel oppressive in its sameness? Rock, meet hard place. We've got your ticket out of there.
There are creative ways to pull off summer layering without succumbing to heat stroke. It just takes some understanding of sequence, knowing which fabrics work best, and a willingness to switch it up. If you're in the need of a sartorial jump start, check out the women ahead who've switched things up.

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