Subway Mayhem, Jill Zarin Pre-Botox, And IPhone4 Madness

Tavern on The Green is now a bunch of food carts. Tar fish anyone? (Gawker)
The iPhone4 is being released tomorrow. If you plan on getting one, stock up on snacks, water, and a sleeping bag. It's bound to be a long wait. (New York Daily News)
Jill Zarin pre botox, red hair, and fame. She looks so.......nice. (Guest of a Guest)
An Earthquake struck north of Ottawa on yesterday afternoon. Were your plates rattling? (New York Times)
Noir Jewelry made a Brooklyn Bridge brass knuckle ring. That baby is bound to leave a bruise. (Racked)
Say goodbye to the V and the W lines. With all these subway cuts, we're wondering if we should invest in a bicycle. (New York Post)
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