Does This Start-Up Stack Up? Create A Collaboration Item With Real Designers

If you're a shopper with a point of view, we probably don't have to remind you of all those times you've walked into a store, found a stunning piece, and wished that it was just slightly different. Whether it was the fabric, the color, or material that you didn't jive with, wishing that you were part of the design process, if only to say, "Wouldn't it be so much better in black…" or "Are you sure that bow's really necessary?" is a common frustration.
Luckily, new website Stylyt has a work-around. Launched this month, Stylyt lets you take a designer's pre-existing design, fuss with the colors and fabrics, and submit your version for a vote. The winning version will be exclusively sold on the site. So far, such prominent brands (and R29 faves) like Timo Weiland, Lovers+Friends, and Hayden-Harnett have offered up patterns, which is a good sign for who might show up in upcoming months. Click on over to to register and scope out the site! Afterward, make sure you leave your thoughts in the comments — is this something you'd use on the regular?

Photo: Courtesy of Stylyt

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