7 Outfits To Combat Mercury In Retrograde

February 11 may not be very far away, but when you're stuck the middle of a communication comedy of errors, it sure feels like it is. On the bright side, we belive that surviving Mercury in retrograde is as simple as preparing your wardrobe for the worst.
The ominous term refers to the astrological mess that occurs when Mercury passes Earth's orbit; an optical illusion makes it look like Mercury is moving in reverse. As Tali Edut of The AstroTwins tells us, "It’s kind of like two trains passing at different speeds. It looks like one's going backwards." Since Mercury is the messenger planet (the one that rules how information travels), this explains why your plans may suddenly fall through, why you'll run for your subway and arrive just when the doors slide closed, and why last summer's fling may be calling out of the blue. 

The best case scenario is that your travel plans do run smoothly and your technological devices don't go haywire, but should you start to suffer from all the usual conundrums when Mercury backtracks, we've planned seven outfits that can save the day. You'll want to keep these looks around once the first planet from the sun gets it together again, too.

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