Laura Ellner Paints San Francisco Red

They say if you want to know a city, you’ve got to know the locals. We say if you want to know a city, you’ve got to party with the local It Girls. Laura Ellner, one of San Francisco’s rising style icons, agreed to show us a thing or two about the city after dark. Having arrived on the scene through her addictive style blog,, she boasts an edgy vintage style that translates from day to night just as easily as her keep-it-loose agenda. On the outfit menu, a full arsenal of classic-cool A|X Armani Exchange separates—a line designed with the street-chic It Girl in mind. From pre-gaming at the pool, to after-party snacking, Laura was dressed to perfection in everyday chic Armani, embodying the high-energy music culture wherever she set her heels down. Tag along with us as we follow her into the Northern Cali night—with lots of looks and lots to drink!
9 p.m.—"Getting ready for a night out on the town is one of my favorite things. While I typically make a mess rummaging through my closet trying to decide what to wear, this time it was a no-brainer. Kept my look simple with a black A/X jumpsuit , and topped it off with a statement bracelet for a little evening bling. When you don't know where the night might take you, I find it best to go with something you can either dress up or down at a moment's notice!"
10 p.m.: Pool At Fly Bar "I kicked off the night at Fly Bar on Divis—an old favorite in my oft-frequented spots during college. The sangria hits the spot with a hint of nostalgia, and shooting pool is a stellar way to get the night started. Now that it’s spring (though never spring-y enough in S.F.), sangria has become a common craving. Fly Bar is a casual spot, so I threw a knit sweater over my A|X jumpsuit to dress the look down a bit."
11 p.m.: Dinner At Betelnut "Betelnut is an Asian-fusion restaurant that serves up a kick-ass spicy margarita. I met my boyfriend, Blake, here for a few drinks and quick dinner to catch up on the day. Their jalapeño calamari is a total guilty pleasure of mine. It was crowded, as usual, so I took off my jacket and wore the A|X jumpsuit on its own. It’s a versatile piece—the whole look can change with one slight adjustment, which I love!"
2 a.m.: Wine At Ottimista "I'm kind of a wino, so the wine bar a block from my house is a frequent pit-stop. I slipped into Ottimista for a glass of Pinot and to say hi to a friend. Since it’s a bit more dressy, I layered on a vintage shawl to add a jazzy spin to my A|X look. Wine might make some people sleepy, but it wakes me right up! This quick visit definitely set the tone for a fun night out."
5 a.m.—"Arriving home at 5 a.m. after a long night out isn't always a good look (especially when you can't find your keys!). But wearing one simple piece and switching up the layers allowed me to bounce all over town and still keep it all together. After a night like this, all I can say is thank goodness for blackout curtains."

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