Stumbling Home Drunk? This Napkin Could Save Your Life!

We've all been there—you've finally had one too many shots of whatever you're downing at wherever you happen to be and suddenly it's time to go the fuck home. Alas, you left your friends behind four drinks ago, no one at this bar is worth trusting with your life or ladyhood, instead of English you're speaking fluent Drunkese, and there's a good chance you'll fall right asleep the moment you sit down in your cab. Well, thank goodness Incredible Things found the "Dear Cab Driver" napkin which allows you (or a more sober compatriot) to ink in a destination and where your cash might be so that your slurred speech and diminished capacity won't prevent you from getting where you need to be—home in bed. Now if only they made a "Dear Diner Waitress" napkin for the morning after. (Incredible Things)