Meet Your Next Comedy Crush

When we fall in love with a TV character — Girls' damaged dreamer Adam, New Girl's endearingly awkward Winston, Scandal's fiercely determined Mellie — we inevitably find ourselves fascinated by the actor behind the persona. Our latest obsession comes direct from FOX's breakout hit, two-time Golden Globe winner Brooklyn Nine-Nine. While chasing the bad guys with Andy Samberg (and scaring the crap out of him in the process), no-nonsense detective Rosa Diaz won our hearts. So, we were pretty stoked when we found out her offscreen counterpart, Stephanie Beatriz, would not only be showing us around her adopted L.A. nabe, Los Feliz, but also showing off a few of her favorite spring trends.
When it comes to style, Beatriz takes the same tough-meets-sexy approach as her death-stare-wielding character. Their personalities, on the other hand, couldn't be more different. Get to know the girl behind the gun while she rocks spring's crop tops, printed pieces, and structured accessories from Neiman Marcus at some of L.A.'s coolest hideaways.

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