Stefon Is The New Borat, Kristin Davis's Diarrhea, And Kellan Lutz Starts A Riot

Is this Stefon the best new SNL character? We think we've found the new Borat. (Huffington Post)
Bill Cunningham reflects on Harlem's most stylish woman, Evelyn Cunningham (they're not related, though he didn't say it). Hey, we kinda like it when Billy writes! (this is fyf)
Kellan Lutz lifts his shirt for Calvin Klein and causes a riot at Macy's. Damn, why weren't we there! (Daily Front Row)
There's 8 Cent Cupcakes today at Cinnabon. 'Nuff said. (Paper)
Sarah Jessica Parker is spilling the er, beans, about Kristin Davis's bout with Diarrhea. (Daily Intel)

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