Lazy-Girl Beauty Never Looked So Good

As much as we love our cosmetics, there are days — specifically of the no-sleep-too-much-to-drink variety —when just the very thought of attempting a carefully crafted look makes us feel exhausted. But, wearing less makeup doesn't have to mean sacrificing the impact of our look. On the contrary, a minimally made-up face means more opportunity to make bold statements. That's good news for all the self-identified lazy girls, too (ourselves included).
Don't believe us? Picture your best no-makeup makeup look (whether that involves actually going bare-faced or not — we don't judge). Now, add one bold color to it, anywhere on your face. Whether you grab a bright-red lipstick or a multidimensional blue eyeshadow, that product's going to pop a whole lot more than if you had created a fully contoured, heavy look to go with it.
So, in that spirit, we asked makeup artist Mari Shten to help us maximize the boldness of our beauty statements while minimizing the amount of products we use. Click through to see proof that less really is more.

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