Can Brad Goreski Make Stacy Keibler A Style Star? We Chat Her Up

Stacy Keibler has had quite a career. First, she made her name as cheerleader for the Baltimore Ravens and then, surprisingly, as a wrestling personality with the WWE. Keibler has also worked as an actress and model, and she even placed third on the second season of Dancing With The Stars, which would technically make her a dancer, as well. Nowadays, she has once again undergone another transformation, this time as a red carpet fixture on the arm of beau George Clooney... which might be the best role she's ever landed. Lucky lady.
While we're not entirely sure of what she actually does now professionally (hey, hanging with Clooney is almost a full-time job), she's made another good career move this month, hiring stylist Brad Goreski to help step up her getup game. Is she pulling a Mandy Moore? Maybe. Everyone knows there's good money in being a style star, so we're hoping the latest addition to her payroll, well, pays off.
This week, she's been hitting the NYC event circuit hard: Yesterday morning, she launched the Valspar Love Your Color Guarantee Project to benefit Habitat for Humanity, wearing a Monique Lhuillier blouse and Rupert Sanderson shoes. Then, that same night, she rocked a Nanette Lepore seafoam lace dress at the celebration of Rent the Runway’s new platform," Our Runway." To be perfectly honest, we're not 100% sold on her transition from wrestler to red carpet winner yet, but we're giving her props for major improvement (and awesome attitude)...and we're hoping that, à la Kate Middleton, her evolution will keep getting better.
According to several luxury house publicists we talked to off-the-record, there has to be a proven track record of consistently well-styled appearances before they'll even consider loaning to Keibler, who isn't on the fashion A-list. That said, Goreski will certainly help her climb the lending ladder (and give him some material for the new season of his Bravo show), as long as he pushes her to edge it up. Duly intrigued, we hit up Hollywood's most famous GF at the RTR bash to discuss her evolving aesthetic, working with Goreski, Kim K., and learning from past red carpet blunders. Again, let's give Keibler credit — from a serious WWE diva to getting dressed by Mr. Goreski? Not half-bad, right?

The whole "costume" thing has been big part of your wardrobe in the past — how is it influencing your style now?
"Well, I think that as you grow, everyone evolves, so I’m really happy to be evolving with fashion and learning more. I’m eager to constantly grow, so I’ve been having so much fun playing with my looks and changing up fashion and working with amazing designers."


You recently hired Brad, what's that like?
"Yes. I have been working with Brad for a couple of months…I really think Brad is so talented. He is as equally talented as he is fun. And, we have a blast working together."

What do you think of Kim Kardashian's style? She's been wearing more high-fashion brands like Givenchy and Maison Martin Margiela.
"Oh, that's nice."

Would you ever wear brands with a little more edge?
"I'm not sure."

When you look back on the past, can you think of any red carpet mistakes you've made?
"Well, I love that I’ve evolved and I love where I am with fashion now. And, I can always look back and laugh at myself because…I just laugh and I’m like, 'Wow, I had no idea what I was doing.' But I wasn’t exposed to it. So, that’s part of me, it’s who I am."

In the past, you’ve been a cheerleader and a wrestler. Are there any similarities with being on the red carpet and being in the wrestling ring?
"I would say that the only similarity is that the paparazzi are screaming your name. And, when you walk into the ring, fans are screaming your name. So, that’s the one similarity."

Photo: Courtesy of Laforce + Stevens