6 So-Rad Outfits For Winter Weather’s Final, Final Stretch

The general rapture that I once reserved for winter's first snowfall has quickly morphed into complete resentment. This seemingly unending cold has sapped me dry of inspiration. Every day, I reach for my tried-and-true cold-weather staples to speed up my admittedly slackened "morning ritual": leather pants; ankle booties; oversized, fuzzy knits; double-breasted cocoon coats. But, what's proved surprising is that my wardrobe, unlike the weather, hasn't succumbed to a style advisory.
You would think being bundled up in the so-called "usual suspects" for the past few months would take away from my creativity, but I've found that my favorite pieces are actually the perfect canvas to build upon as winter persists. And, with a few tucks, alternatives, and subs here and there, you, too, can reimagine your winter uniform into something you may actually miss come warmer temps.
Trading in my salt-stained snow boots for kaleidoscopic, madcap sneakers or pairing my shearling coat with floor-skimming maxi-skirts à la Doctor Zhivago has actually helped bring the color back into my cheeks. So, ahead, I've put together six outfits to help you finish out winter's final stretch in warmth and style — yes, even on the cusp of spring's official start.
Marjon Carlos is a cultural and fashion writer whose work focuses on the intersection of gender, race, class, and sexuality. She has written for The Huffington Post, xoJane, Vogue Italia, and LURVE Magazine and has served as the Arts & Culture editor for Saint Heron.com. She and all of her books live in Brooklyn.