6 Ways To Have More Spiritually Fulfilling Sex

Photographed by Lula Hyers.
If you've recently felt the urge to have your pet's tarot cards read or to commit to a magical fitness routine, you're not alone. Millennial women are continuing to find new ways to imbue a greater sense of spirituality into their everyday lives — and, according to seeress and shaman Deborah Hanekamp of Mama Medicine, their sex lives should not be exempt from those other-worldly benefits.
You could start small by lighting more candles before doing the deed or setting a sex resolution based on your Zodiac sign, but if you and your partner really wish to start having more intimate, spiritually satisfying sex, your efforts may be best directed outside of the bedroom.
Hanekamp says that feeling deeply connected to your partner means accepting them as they are and receiving their needs as warmly as you do your own. Sure, she says, sex is part of it, but if you're lacking this kind of mutual understanding, you might not feel as spiritually bonded between the sheets as you could.
Hanekamp describes spiritually profound sex as the sort where the couple is interested in plumbing each other's depths on what she calls a "cosmic level." Sex where both people are only interested in instant gratification — rather than sensual exploration — won't allow for such a connection, she says.
Through her couple's medicine readings, in which she offers spiritual counsel couples in a private setting, Hanekamp aims to help people reconnect to their relationship and find a greater sense of themselves within it. Ahead, Hanekamp explains how to cultivate a deeper spiritual connection between you and your partner — and start having better sex.

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