Guru Guide: 7 Ways To Get Your Spirituality On

[UPDATE: This story was originally published on January 4.]
"Lala" land was dubbed as such for a reason—both literally and figuratively, it's easy to get lost in this town of dream-seekers. With temptation abounding, and a predominant "I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine" industry mantra, it's easy to feel like this city is zapping your zen. While we firmly believe in frequent trips to the shrink (hey, whatever works!), sometimes you want alternatives to work out those inner kinks. When it comes to finding legit leaders—hypnotists, psychics, life coaches, and the like—you can trust in these fields, it's all about being in the know. Well, lucky for you, we're giving you an all-access pass to our spiritual contacts! So, whether you want to get serious about your inner-self, uplift that aura, or even glance into the good ol' crystal ball, keep an open mind, because these powerful peeps can help you hit soul gold!

Photos (clockwise, from top left): Vintage Tarot Cards, $2, available at Etsy, Psychic Dougall Fraser, Life Coach Jen Kleiner, Yoga Taught By The Art of Living, Inspirational Rocks.

The Luminary Life Coach
Jen Kleiner, M.A.
We simply can't say enough amazing things about this intuitive's coaching practice, and neither can some of the uber-elite in Hollywood's artist and creative communities. From a family of 13 therapists, Jen's well-versed in traditional treatments, but her chosen unorthodox methods have inspired clients to capture the careers of their dreams, while also remaining poised in the present. On a personal note, this guru gal has helped many a friend say adios to their writer's block, and we've seen firsthand how her practice has taught them the tools to become their own inner-athletes. Carpe diem!

The A-List Acupuncturist
Sarah Norvilas, L.Ac.
Did you know that it takes five years to receive your Master's degree in Chinese Traditional Medicine? And that in the state of CA, 70% of insurance carriers will foot some of an acupuncture bill? Bona fide legit, Sarah's practice blends Eastern and Western medicine into a perfect melée to ease all maladies. She encompasses a broad scope of spiritual healing (think Reiki, cupping, and muscle memory), and shies away from mere symptom management, digging rather to the root of underlying suffering. On a daily basis, she eases clients' pain, weans them off of anxiety and depression drugs, and has a knack for infertility cases (she has a 100% success rate of getting her gals preggers!).


The Meditation Master
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Art of Living
This humanitarian, volunteer-based organization is all about taking life one deep breath at a time. With workshops in meditation, yoga, and breathing techniques, the Art of Living is a trusted stress-relief source for insiders of every walk of life. Trust us, one weekend of these meditative retreats are worth five years of laying back on that leather couch!

The Tarot Queen
Fiona Horne
Using a mixture of modern witchcraft and maximum positivity, this Aussie-turned-Angeleno's happiest days come when her clients don't need her anymore. A turn of her Tarot card can offer intuitive guidance, and every session comes complete with a detailed email recap—Fiona's so techie, she'll even Skype if you'd like!

The Haute Hypnotist
Kerry Gaynor
This guy has helped so many celebs kick their smoking habits, he deserves his own health hall of fame! Quite seriously, when it comes to quitting the cigs, Kerry is the only hypnotist in town with street cred of this caliber. Also specializing in weight loss and fears of flying and public speaking, by the time you count backwards from ten, you'll already be thanking us for his digits.

The Ayurvedic Healer
Martha Soffer C.A.A., M.A.T.
This reco comes straight from one of our fave It girls in town, whose entire summer was changed last year by a one week cleanse at Surya Spa. She came back from her social life sabbatical glowy, healthily thin, and downright elated with the changes she experienced inside and out.

The Pop Psychic
Dougall Fraser
It doesn't matter whether you dabble in this sort of thing for kicks and giggles once a year, or hang on every metaphysical word, Dougall Fraser is the clairvoyant for everyone. For someone who calls himself the "queer guy with a third eye," Dougall clearly doesn't take himself too seriously, even though he's been nationally recognized as one of the best of the best. Tori Spelling even says, "Cosmic and cool, Dougall Fraser is the Seinfeld of psychics!"

Photos (clockwise, from top left): Via Etsy, Dougall Fraser, Jen Kleiner, The Art of Living, and Dougall Fraser.

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