Spend Your 401K On The Largest Bottle of Rosé in the World

We can think of a lot of things we'd love to spend $10,000 on (you know, if we had that kind of loot to blow): We could buy ourselves five Proenza Schouler large PS1s, make a dent in that first rack at the new Wang store, rent that Tulum villa we saw in AD for all our friends, or...you know, put a down payment on an apartment. Even at our most frivolous, we're not sure we'd be laying down 10K on what is sure to be the newest super-rich status symbol —Bertaud Belieu's new Methuselah bottle of Rosé. Officially
designated the largest bottle of Rosé in the world
, this 6 Liter larger-than-life vessel (that's $1,666 a liter) is now exclusively available in New York at Day & Night at the Oak Room in, where else, the Plaza Hotel. You might recognize the vineyard's label from party-on-table brunch spots like Bagatelle and Lavo, or half-hidden by the hands of Russian oligarchs or Arab princes in St. Tropez, so we're not surprised that this Euro-trash (in the very best possible way) wine is giving deep pockets another way to whip out the tape measure. If you want to be seeing red pink, just be sure to spare a sip for your landlord while you're trying to explain why your rent is late.