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For Aussie designer Natalie Wood, one is the magic number. By Annie Dolmatch
somethingnothingopenAustralia—land of emus, Vegemite, and Lover—is home to yet another original export: Melbourne-bred designer Natalie Wood, who first made waves at the helm of the cult label Sample in 2000, is now fusing her two sister lines Something and Something Else by Natalie Wood into one standout label this month.
The original philosophy behind Something—"We're not out for mass dominance of the fashion scene, we just want to make cool shit"—rings loud and clear in the new spring-summer range. Acid floral prints, soft marbled yardages, and worn-out textures create a look that is at once tough and pretty, and the T-shirt prints—inspired by psychedelic imagery, record cover art, and the ethereal beauty of nature and animals—capture the array of Wood's influences. The addition of a swimwear line extends the look even further: The suits' strong shapes, sophisticated detailing, and signature prints emblematize the line's tough-pretty juxtaposition and are just right for our summer vibe.
The blend of street-chic with feminine touches is a look that is decidedly Wood's own. This summer, according to the designer, the Something girl is all about wearing "washed-out biker skinny pants with an acid floral-wash tee, and a sleeveless suit jacket over the top of [a] floral, one-piece lace-up swimsuit." Something else, entirely, and we like it.
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For Aussie designer Natalie Wood, one is the magic number.

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