Snooki Was Paid $32,000 To “Lecture” Students

Well here's one way to blow through a wad of cash. NBC New York reports that the Rutgers University Programming Association paid everyone's favorite MTV reality star, Snooki, a whopping $32,000 to speak to students about the "Jersey Shore lifestyle" yesterday. On the syllabus: parties, hair styles, tanning and GTL. Really. The slightly good news for academia was that the university itself didn't solicit the pint-sized pouf princess' appearance; Instead, a student-run entertainment coughed up the dough from organization mandatory activity fee. Word on the street is that the Pickle lover received more money than Rutgers' upcoming commencement speaker, Nobel-winning novelist Toni Morrison, the first black woman to be awarded the prestigious prize in Literature. Snooki's parting words to students were "Study hard, but party harder." Something tells us Morrison's advice will be quite different.