5 Things To Know This Am — Jan 05 2011

Yo jetsetters, this may be one reason to slow your roll on $1,000 plus shoes: The TSA almost confiscated one poor dude's pair of Christian Louboutin spiked loafers. Ouch! (Racked)
Video: Snooki tells Jay Leno she was fired from Filene's Basement for stumbling into work drunk. Sounds about right. (Gawker TV)
Apparently (we wouldn't know, really), if you're a drug deal, Facebook makes dealing drugs as easy as Rachel Uchitel. One Brooklyn man used the FB to arrange a heroin delivery through JFK. (Gothamist)
Why were birds dropping from the sky like it was the apocalypse on New Year's Eve? We're not sure, but apparently it happened in Louisiana too. (Animal New York)
We're obsessing over the new J. McLaughlin store in Westport, Connecticut, which takes its cue from the "street of shops," merchandising model that Henri Bendel made so famous. Please, please can you try it out in NYC? (WWD)

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