Meet The “Snail Vibe,” The Internet’s Latest Obsession For Slow & Steady Pleasure

I'm no stranger to a viral vibrator; I've explored the sensations of the Amazon rose to a terrifying sex tool called the Love Hamma. But somehow I was still taken aback by the internet's current obsession: a sex toy called SnailVibe. The dual-stimulating combo G-spot and clitoral vibrator is cleverly shaped to mimic the aforenamed animal and (like its namesake) supposedly delivers slow and steady pleasure that builds to an ultra-powerful orgasm that will knock your socks off. It's no wonder the vibrator has sold out five times since its launch. Effusive five-star reviews have customers screaming, "Holy escargot batman!" and a how-to-use toy demonstration on retailer Lovers' IG has over 18 million views. With that kind of hype, I knew I needed to try it for myself.

SnailVibe, $160

Despite the toy's cutesy appearance (it's available in both pink and purple colorways), SnailVibe is marketed as a powerhouse vibrator. In fact, according to its reps, it's "the first vibrator in the world to offer the vibrating power of a wand, the insertion depth of a dildo, and the dual stimulation of a rabbit vibrator." Wands are notoriously known for their power, but they are not insertable. So an insertable motor that measures up to a wand promised a whole lot of buzz. Plus, unlike traditional rabbit vibrators, SnailVibe's unique and flexible shape allows for the clit to stay stimulated (via the "snail shell") throughout use, ensuring an out-of-this-world blended orgasm.

But as I read more about the function of this combo wand/g-spot/clitoral stimulator, the more confused I got. Which end was insertable? Which end was for holding? Where did those weird rounded tips go? Needing to visualize the process, I found adding to the 18+ million viewers on Lovers' handy-dandy demonstration video, which strangely did not clear anything up. I watched the sliding motion of the video over and over again until I was somehow even more confused. Did it unroll inside me? How would it possibly do that? Did it move on its own or did I have to move it? Exhausted from theorizing, I finally gave up and took it out of the box to just try it myself.

Holy escargot batman!

lovers reviewer
First and foremost, SnailVibe is large. Wayyy larger than I had anticipated. At nearly 9 inches long, it was pretty much the same size as my forearm as I gripped it, and almost half as thick. Needless to say, despite its colorful/genderless appearance, I was slightly intimidated. Luckily, as I figured out which end went where (the folded-over "snail head" is insertable and only extends up to 5 inches at its furthest point), I became less scared and more intrigued. Like the demonstration video, I played with the flexible toy and let it curl and uncurl in my hand before putting it anywhere up inside me. I was immediately put at ease, watching how easily it simulated the sliding/thrusting motion of intercourse with ease.

The thing that continued to shock me, though, was the strength of this vibrator. Unlike a snail, there is nothing low and slow about SnailVibe's two supersonic motors, which offer up to five speeds and patterns (up to 600 possible vibration combinations). With the "snail shell" firmly attached to my clit and the insertable "head" doing its thing, my orgasm snuck up on me within just two minutes on the lowest vibration setting. The buzz is strong in this one (tbh, a little too strong for me). I was left fully orgasmed, vagina spasming around the still wildly vibrating end, not even fully feeling the depth of possible pleasure because it overwhelmed my senses so damn quickly. Low and slow, my ass.

Nothing slow about this big guy!

lovers reviewer
I should have believed SnailVibe's reps when they warned me of its wand-intensity strength. Perhaps I should have used any of the five available vibration patterns to break up the continuous power (that nearly buzzed my clit right off). Because despite my quickie orgasm, I could see the potential for a longer play session. There's something really satisfying about the way it simulates penetrative sex, perhaps because of the smooth rocking motion, the vibrator's girth, or the fact that it's just fun to think about getting off with something that looks like a snail.

Regardless, I had a good (albeit fast) time with SnailVibe, and I enjoyed its extra features, which include a rechargeable, waterproof body and a zip-up carrying case for easy travel. I'd recommend it to anyone who needs some supersized vibration intensities and/or already loves their wand but wishes it could get up in there. Because if there's one thing I know for sure, its that when it comes to ultra-powered vibrations, this vibrator snails it.
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