Spice Up Your New Year’s Eve With This Burgundy Smoky Eye

appearance by Calli McRae.
January is the season for resolutions, Oscar movies, and, obviously, brimming mugs of mulled wine (see also: hangover hacks). We're taking that last one a tiny step further by splashing some burgundy into our smoky-eye technique, too. Give the old classic an upgrade of wintery sparkle with this festive pump of color, or break it out on New Year's Eve to start 2017 with a burgundy-hued bang. Watch the video above for the full look, and try it yourself using the steps below.
Step 1. With a firm eyeliner brush, dab a dark pewter shadow along your top lashline and lid; then, use a softer, rounder brush to pull the color along the crease. Step 2. With that same soft brush, top the pewter area with a burgundy-toned shadow, again dragging the color up above the crease and just beyond the outer corners of the eye. Step 3. Rim the bottom lashline with an eyeliner brush and pewter shadow; minimize harsh lines with a cotton swab. Outline the shadow with the swab, too, following the curve of your brow to clean up any smudges. Step 4. Blend all the shadow with a soft brush. Repeat on the other eye.

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