The Smile Brings Tasty Pastry To Soho, We’re Cheesin’ Hard

With more than enough touristy eateries crowding the southernmost part of Soho bordering Chinatown, we're excited that Smile To Go just opened up on Howard Street. At a soft opening this past weekend (with free treats leaving passersby hungry for more!), we'd got a mere taste of their daily changing menu. And we are ready for more.
Serving up the same Mediterranean fare as Smile part one, the owners Matt Kliegman and Carlos Quirarte have recruited (the much raved-about) Brenna White to (wo)man the pastry table at Smile To Go. After just a few days, we can't get enough of the banana bread (usually the first to go in the AM) or the raspberry scones. If you happen to be coming out of Opening Ceremony (just across the street — convenient, we know), you can spot this joint under the unassuming Lucky Bakery sign, a relic from the old Chinese pastry shop that once was, or just follow the long weekend lines that might just include an Olsen smiling along in the crowd.

Smile To Go, 22 Howard Street (at Crosby Street); 646-329-5836.

Photographed by Janelle Flores