5 Sneaky Ways To Make A Tiny Bedroom Look MUCH Bigger

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Inconvenient as it may be, there's a certain charm about having a small bedroom: It's easier to make a tiny space feel cozy, and the limited square footage pushes you to be more resourceful when decorating.
We've had our fair share of experience living in shoebox sleeping quarters, and we've picked up a few sneaky tricks along the way for fitting everything into a confined area. Click through for our tried-and-true hacks that will make a teensy bedroom look much, much bigger, and the exact tools you can use to achieve the optical illusion.
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Prop Up Your Bed
This tip doesn't just work for your dorm beds: We can all use a bit of extra room, and the space under your bed is an untapped territory with endless possibilities for storage. If you're working with a bed with shorter legs, consider reinforcements in the form of risers.
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Not only do these lifts boost the height of your bed, they also pull double duty as USB charging stations.

Studio 3B Bed Lift Set, $29.99, available at Bed Bath & Beyond
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These sturdy steel legs will raise your bed four times higher than the average plastic risers.

Suprima Ultimate Height Bed Risers, $68.98, available at Dormco.com
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Shelf Up
When you don't have much room to fit in a vanity or dresser, tall floating shelves are your best friends. Invest in a series of tall and narrow shelves, or cubbies, to make the most of your vertical wall space.
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A mirrored shelf creates the illusion of extra space while providing storage space.

Statements by J Mirrored Shelf, $225.99, available at Wayfair
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These five compartments can be your makeshift book shelf, bedside organizer, makeup cabinet, and everything in between.

Danya B. Spine Wall Shelf, $24.99, available at Target
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Install A Wall Grid
If your bedroom is too tiny for a shoe closet, putting up a grid system on your wall will be your saving grace, since there's nothing you won't be able to hang up with S-shaped hooks. These units also lend themselves perfectly for handbag and jewelry organization.
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A tall and narrow wall grid is ideal for shoe storage.

Econoco Commercial Grid Panel, $64, available at Amazon
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This grid panel can also be used as an industrial-chic headboard.

Urban Outfitters Wire Wall Rectangle, $129, available at Urban Outfitters
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Get Thrifty With Coat Hangers
As much as we dig a standing coat rack, they don't seem too practical for bedrooms with slim-to-none closet space. Take a page from cute boutiques' visual merchandising tricks and install wooden rails and hanging systems on your walls. They're a cute way to keep your scarves, hats, and bulky winter clothes orderly.
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Etsy has a great selection of driftwood branches that make excellent clothing rails.

Kekoni Hanging Branch Clothing Rack, $87.23, available at Etsy
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This wooden coat rack comes with additional shelving on top for your smaller accessories.

RefinedRusticDecor Wooden Coat Rack with Shelf, $85.50, available at Etsy
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Put Your Plants Tall & High
Let's face it: House plants make everything look better. Bring some greenery into your room and keep them high — as they create the illusion of a taller room by drawing the eyes up. We have a great tutorial on fashioning your own hanging planter.
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These slim planters won't take up much of your valuable floor space.

Holly's House Large Black Metal Plant Stand, $43.86, available at Trouva
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This adorable container is a great home for your cactus, succulents, and other plants that require little upkeep.

Ikea BITTERGURKA Hanging Planter, $9.99, available at Ikea
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