The Key To Streamlining Your Morning Routine Is All About The Bathroom

Photographed by Winnie Au.
What's our number one secret to looking flawless during the week? It actually has nothing to do with maintaining a regimented beauty routine. Instead, it's all about maintaining order within our bathrooms. Walking into a disorganized mess on a Monday morning is like walking into a sale section on Black Friday: pure panic-inducing chaos filled with too much time spent product fumbling around (and not enough time left to grab that last-minute oat milk latte). Just as a messy kitchen can keep us from cooking, a smooth morning can be easily offset by an unkempt bathroom.
Setting up our day for success starts with streamlining the one room in our apartments that exists to help get us ready and out the door. Ahead, we rounded up the bathroom storage essentials to help get you on that flawless morning track. From sharp acrylic makeup trays to sleek in-shower caddies, and even a dual-purpose tissue roll holder, these ten products will whip your bathroom (and you) into stress-free shape. That means less untangling of toiletries and more time to hit that snooze button again.

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