Skater Chic: Our Favorite Mom Curates A Gift List For The Boys

You probably have one in your circle — a son, brother, or young buddy who prefers to take to the streets with his skateboard or bike instead of whiling away the hours sucked into the nearest TV screen. Good for him, right? Thing is, he’s always zooming off to his next little urban adventure, so it’s hard to nail down exactly what he wants for the holidays. To give you a much-needed assist, we've enlisted one or our favorite interior-design gurus and the blogger behind Eye-Swoon, Athena Calderone, to offer skater-style gift suggestions, including shoes, accessories, and a little bit of tech. As the mother of a rather active youngster herself, she's collected plenty of experience in shopping for skater boys, so you know the little list she's put together will have everything a growing dude needs.

To shop directly from Caderone's list, go to now.

Photographed by Winnie Au; Hair by Bethany Brill; Makeup by Tiffany Patton Advertisement