We Want! Kate Moss Gets The Skateboard Treatment

Let's face it, there's no shortage of Kate Moss garb. From Supreme's graphic tees to coloring books, it feels as though the fashion fixture is everywhere we turn. And now the model's iconic mug is making the rounds once again with a new Tumblr that's sure to have the style set adding grip tape to their wish lists. Behold: Skate Moss.
Jeff Gaudinet, the brilliance behind the site featuring Moss-inspired skateboards, admits that the idea was born from a mispronunciation of Miss Moss' name. The rest, as they say, is history. Whether it's a snap from a Juergen Teller shoot or one of her many provocative ads, these skate decks are downright dope. But before you book it to L.A. Skate or Rip City, be warned that these tricked-out boards aren't on the market, just a cool concept.
We've got our fingers crossed that these chic cruisers (which are the best thing to happen to skateboarding since Emile Hirsch in the Lords Of Dogtown, swoon!) become a reality — especially since we're already brushing up on our shredding skills. (High Snobiety)

Photo: Via High Snobiety