I Tried The Makeup Mirror Of The 1%

For applying makeup, nothing's better than natural light. The simplest solution is to position your mirror next to a sunny window, beat your face, and be on your merry way. But many celebrities and influencers have found a way to cheat the (solar) system: high-tech mirrors that simulate natural light — and start at a casual $400. Hey, it's a small price to pay to keep paparazzi from peering in your windows, right? I decided to give one of these devices — the Simplehuman Wide-View Sensor Mirror — a whirl. The mirror comes with a number of unique bells and whistles (including an app!), but do they justify its hefty price tag? I wanted to find out. First, let me give you an unfettered overview of the product. The mirror, which is about the size of your average computer monitor, is cordless. (You charge it overnight, and it lasts up to three weeks, depending on how much time you spend looking into it.) The mirror is outfitted with two panels that light up, providing instant faux sunlight — even if you're getting ready during a Finland winter at 11 p.m. As someone who tends to go overboard on blush and bronzer in my dark bathroom, this certainly helped me avoid leaving the house looking like Amy Schumer at the end of her "Girl, Take Off Your Makeup" sketch. Helpful? Definitely. Life-changing? Not really.

The mirror is outfitted with two panels that light up, providing instant simulated sunlight — even if you're getting ready during a Finland winter at 11 p.m.

If that sounds pretty similar to your average light-up makeup mirror, well, you're not wrong. But here's where things get interesting. Once you link the mirror to your Wi-Fi network and pull up the accompanying Simplehuman app, you can choose from five predetermined lighting modes, including sunny, cloudy, and candlelight. If you're really dedicated to your craft, you can even take selfies in various places you frequent (say, your office), and the app will record the lighting ratios and simulate them in your mirror. Okay then.

On top of that, you can program automatic motion sensors that make the mirror turn on when you come close to it. (Next-generation versions are rumored to tell you whether you're the fairest one of all, too.) There's also an option to set timers into the mirror, so you don't have to stop mid-cat eye to check the time. Need to strobe your face in 15 minutes before running out the door? The mirror will flash when time's up. Sure, it's a bit naggy, but in a helpful way. Although it was certainly nice to use such a fancy-pants mirror, Simplehuman's app is the only thing that makes this product really stand out. If you're someone who likes to apply very precise makeup daily (and perhaps live on Snapchat à la Kylie Jenner), this mirror might be a good investment (it has a five-year warranty). But for someone like me, who tends to put her makeup on in a rush, it's not something to shell out four Benjamins for. A window will do just fine.

Wide-View Sensor Mirror, $400, available at Simplehuman.

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