Simple Unveils An All-Inclusive Approach To Perfect Skin

When we think about our complexions, skin deep is a very accurate description of our focus — that is, we think of our skin as something that only needs to be treated with products and treatments. But, the truth of the matter is that there are so many contributing factors that can cause common complexion issues — like poor diet and stress levels — that we're better off taking a whole-health approach.
Skin care brand Simple is a big proponent of this holistic stance, so much so that it's created a dedicated panel of experts called the Simple Advisory Board. Its goal: to provide women with the information they need to tackle the health, fitness, diet, and lifestyle hurdles that can trigger skin flare-ups and premature aging.
Experts include nutritionist and Healthy Appetite host Ellie Krieger, R.D.; Beverly Hills dermatologist Dr. Debra Luftman; fitness expert and Equinox co-founder Kacy Duke; celebrity makeup artist Gita Bass; and psychodermatology expert (a.k.a. skin shrink) Dr. Josie Howard. Each woman brings a unique perspective to solving skin care issues that targets the body, mind, and soul. We were particularly fascinated by Dr. Howard, whose entire practice is devoted to the connections between skin health and stress. She believes that stress leads to a disruption of inflammatory hormones in the body, which can aggravate a whole host of skin issues, from psoriasis and warts to acne and rosacea.
The brand has introduced this panel of experts through a new online diagnostic tool, Simple Sense. By answering a few specific questions, the tool will help users diagnose their skin care needs and provide them with personalized steps for adopting a more holistic skin care routine. The tool, developed with the Advisory Board, features tips and information for each of their areas of expertise.
We're totally on board with this all-encompassing approach to treating skin, and we're glad to see a brand get real and let women know that there is no such thing as a miracle potion that can fix your skin — if you want your visage to look its best, then you need to pay attention to all aspects of your health, not just what you slather on your skin every day. We call that common sense for your complexion.

Photos: Courtesy of Simple

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