This Anti-Acne Pillowcase Actually Helped My Skin (& Right Now It’s 30% Off)

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Changing my pillowcase every five days, well, changed my life. *Cue dramatic music.* How could such a simple act make such a big difference? I first realized that my Nestle Crunch-bar-esque cheek acne was to blame, at least partially, on my dusty, neglected bedding back in college. It wasn't enough that I had to be kinda on time to classes, feed myself with dining hall cash, and drink in basements. I also had to commit to washing my pillowcase in an overcrowded dorm laundry room every week. Well, I begrudgingly tried it and got angry because it actually worked. Ever since then, I've been a believer in the power of the pillowcase to make a big difference in fighting acne and breakouts.

Silvi, the anti-acne bedding company, exists to combat such violent pillowcase-on-complexion crime. The brand carries bamboo bedding, Mulberry silk pillowcases, eye masks, and sheets that, per the retailer's FAQ, are treated with "anti-bacterial silver ions" and "reduce bacteria by 99.97%." (PssstThrough October 30, you can use code FALL30 for 30% off all bamboo pillowcases, bamboo sheet sets, duvet covers, and all bamboo bedding bundles.) The statistic was big, but my eyes were even bigger after discovering such a wonder product existed. If a simple laundry routine could be so life-changing, what could a pillowcase this magical do? Read on as I test out the best anti-acne pillowcases on the market. Will these silver threads form a peace treaty with my face, feel as good as they sound, and reduce my laundry detergent budget by half? Your answers await, below.

Silvi The Anti-Acne Bamboo Pillowcase, $45 $31.50 (with promo code FALL30)

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How do Silvi Pillowcases work?

Silvi makes its products with silver ions, which deter acne-causing bacteria. According to its site, this anti-acne silver treatment is effective for about 18 months, and your pillowcase only needs a wash every two weeks. Choose from the $79 classic Mulberry Silk Case or the $59 Bamboo silk for a plant-based alternative. Silvi also offers sheets and eye masks if you're interested in a full-body silver-infused experience.
Photo courtesy of: Alexandra Polk
One of my Silvi pillowcases fresh out the box.
Photo courtesy of: Alexandra Polk
My Silvi pillowcases in the box.

Do Silvi Pillowcases feel as good as they sound?

As a Black girl with an impressive collection of silk and satin scarves, I can tell you 100% silk will always be my preferred option (although the bamboo version appears to be just as effective for acne-prone skin, but at a gentler price point). These mulberry silk pillowcases were no exception and caressed my face with love. Based on Silvi's description, each case sounded like an orchestra of harp strings being plucked in unison by squeaky clean, silver-infused angel fingers. I would say after receiving a few, this remains true IRL.

For starters, they are cold and breathable. I am not a hot sleeper, but who doesn't like a cool pillow that easily glides against your skin whichever way you turn? They also smell like nothing out of the package and even after a week and a half of snoozes, which is impressive.

Silvi The Body-Care Bamboo Sheet Set, $144 $100.80 (with promo code FALL30)

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Did Silvi's silver threads make a peace treaty with my complexion?

First, a quick dossier on my bad skin: It's sensitive, genetic, high maintenance, and under the guidance of a dermatologist. I wash my pillowcases at least once a week (if not more if they fall on the ground), always read the ingredients of skin-care products, and stay away from dairy to maintain a hard-earned healthy glow.

I can say with confidence that this pillowcase and my face are besties. For the sake of this review, I didn't even wash my case upon opening (on-site Silvi says a wash is recommended but not required). I wanted to push this pillowcase to its anti-bacterial limits and snoozed the night away on it for nine seemingly unsanitary days. No bumps popped up on either side of my cheeks, and my face remained completely unbothered despite the lack of sanitation. If any fabric were to be described as cool, calm, and collected, it would be Silvi's premium materials.

Silvi Bamboo Duvet Cover, $136 $95.20 (with promo code FALL30)

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Is the bedding worth the price tag?

We all have priorities — for some people, it's their children whom they love; for me, it's my face. If that makes me sound like a shallow Los Angeles native, it's because I am. Silvi's pillowcases would be an amazing addition to beds everywhere to help promote the well-being of your skin, hair, and your sleep in general. So, I'd say if you struggle with acne or have skin-care product fatigue, you should definitely dress your pillow to the nines in this sexy silver-infused slip. It's a high price point for a pillowcase, but you're definitely not getting ripped off.

Head over to Silvi's site now and scoop up a few new best friends for your face. If you save your coin, we understand. But, just between us? Your skin said it's the only thing it wants for the holidays this year.
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